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Serenity means the state of being serene, calm and tranquil.

My lessons are to help you get your license, not for me to yell, scream or panic. I want you to relax and find out how easy driving can be.

With Serenity Driving School Canberra, you will learn to understand the road rules, how to conduct safe defensive driving skills and the confidence to drive in any situation.

I believe that everybody has the right to have their license and I will be patient and understanding for as long as it takes you to get your license.

Driving school Canberra

By using the ACT Learner Driver Log Book, you can learn at your own pace and will not have to sit for a government test. As your instructor, I will teach you everything needed to obtain your license and will assess you as well.

I am also accredited to teach in NSW. For 10 lessons with a driving instructor you will 3 hours for 1 hour off your logbook hours. See Nsw Learner page

Learn to drive in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

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